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Our vastly experienced tour guides and educators believe 100% in the educational value of their work. Our staff will work with you to create your educational vision and goals for your Israel\European trip, customizing your itinerary and incorporating all of your needs.

As a global leader in innovation and entrepreneurship, Israel makes a major contribution worldwide. Our tours enable participants to experience firsthand the many contributing factors that make Israel the “Start Up Nation.” Explore Israel’s most incredible technological and medical companies, meet with professionals who are behind it all and see for yourself what everyone is talking about. Work with a MasaYehudi tour educator to incorporate an innovation component in your itinerary.

We work with communities and families worldwide creating meaningful, educational and inspirational programs created with your goals in mind.  We are currently communities in Melbourne and Sydney Australia, Los Angeles, Austin, Chicago, New York, New Jersey, and many more.  We can arrange trips ranging in educational goals such as Heritage trips to Poland and Israel, Hi Tech programming, seeing Israel through the eyes of the Tanach, Tikkun Olam, coexistence and much more.  We work to create the most specialized tours for our clients giving you a deeper understanding and connection to Israel.  

At Jewish Journey we believe that the client directs the program and is the driving force behind the trip’s goals and expectations. We then set the wheels in motion, and facilitate by means of providing the services needed to achieve the goals have. Here are some of the ways we acheive the highest level of service in the tourism industry.  We do this by continually renewing our resources and updating site options.  We find that having an Israeli based tour company offers the best service.  We have a unique and diverse team of educations which gives us the upper hand to think out of the box when planning and executing your program.  We also require all our bus staff to partake in a Jewish Journey week long seminar to properly prepare our staff for your trip. 

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